Research is a key driver of innovation and plays an important role in laying the foundation for progress through deepening our understanding of crucial topics relevant to the conservation sector in Canada.

Through a collaborative approach to research the Centre for Land Conservation (CLC) aims to paint a clear picture of the crucial conservation work being done in Canada as well as highlight innovative approaches and new technologies towards developing resilient landscapes.

CLC aims to consistently publish research papers as they are produced to facilitate information sharing and spread learnings to other organizations.

Forever Protected? The Potential for Sector-wide Approaches to Stewardship and Legal Defence of Private Conservation Lands

The stewardship and legal protection of conservation lands in Canada’s southern landscapes is critically important to achieving national biodiversity targets and supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. Through a contract with Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Centre for Land Conservation (CLC) conducted a situational analysis focused on the stewardship and legal protection of private conservation lands and agreements to ensure that the conservation benefits of these properties are sustained over the long term.

Building a Landscape Conservation Approach: The potential for Regional Conservation and Climate Partnerships in Canada

This working paper, produced for the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, examines the growth of Regional Conservation partnerships in the United States and the outcomes being achieved in partnership by Canadian organizations to determine wether, and how, regional partnership models can be used to accelerate conservation outcomes and whole of landscape approaches towards climate change and biodiversity loss solutions.