The Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices (CLT S&P) are the ethical and technical guidelines for land trusts in Canada. Consisting of 12 broad standards and 91 recommended practices, the CLT S&P are designed for land trusts with charitable status and provide important guidance for any organization or agency holding conservation lands for the benefit of the public. 

The Land Trust Standards and Practices (S&P) were developed by the U.S. Land Trust Alliance in 1989. In 2005, the CLT S&P were created based on the U.S. S&Ps and adapted to fit a Canadian context. The Centre for Land Conservation (CLC) is the only official licensee for the CLT S&P.

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These Standards and Practices, when supported by a verification program, can provide a means to validate the quality of an organization's work, enhance credibility and build public, investor and government trust. 

Learn more about CLC’s Performance Assurance Program here.