B. Land Management and Stewardship

  1. Develop a written land management plan for each conservation property within 12 months after acquiring the land to:
    1. Identify the property’s conservation values, including any significant cultural, Indigenous, historical and natural features, and identify threats to those features
    2. Identify the overall management goals for the property
    3. Identify activities and timeline to achieve the goals and to reduce any risks or threats to the conservation values
    4. Specify the uses that are appropriate for the property, in keeping with the property’s conservation values, any restrictions and donor or funder requirements
  2. Manage each conservation property in accordance with its management plan, and review and update the plan periodically
  3. Perform administrative duties (such as paying insurance, filing required forms, keeping records) in a timely and responsible manner
  4. Maintain the property in a manner that retains the land trust’s public credibility, manages community expectations and minimizes risk consistent with the land trust’s mission