B. Baseline Documentation Report

  1. For each conservation agreement, have a baseline documentation report signed-off by the necessary technical expertise, with written descriptions, maps and photographs, that documents:
    1. The conservation values protected by the agreement
    2. The relevant conditions of the property as necessary to monitor and enforce the agreement
  2. Prepare the baseline documentation report prior to closing and have it signed by the landowner and land trust at or prior to closing
    1. Baseline documentation reports that require technical data collection are prepared with the support of professional(s) having appropriate background and expertise
    2. In the event that seasonal conditions prevent the completion of a full baseline documentation report by closing, the landowner and land trust sign a schedule for finalizing the full report and an acknowledgement of interim data at closing
  3. In the limited circumstances when there are significant changes to the land (such as a result of a wildfire or bank erosion) or the conservation agreement (such as a result of an amendment or the exercise of a permitted right), document those changes in an appropriate manner, such as through monitoring reports, a baseline supplement or current conditions report
  4. The landowner and the land trust each hold at least one original copy of the signed baseline documentation report