I. Selling or Transferring Land or Conservation Agreements

  1. When selling land, conservation agreements or other real property interests,
    1. Establish protections as appropriate to the property
    2. f the sale is to a party other than another charitable organization or public agency, obtain an independent appraisal by a qualified appraiser or a short narrative, a letter of opinion or other documentation from a qualified real estate professional to determine the value of the asset and to support the selling price
    3. Select buyers in a manner that avoids any actual or appearance of impropriety
  2. When selling or transferring conservation land or conservation agreements to another charitable organization or public agency, consider whether the new holder can fulfill the long-term stewardship and enforcement responsibilities
  3. For the sale or transfer of land or conservation agreements certified as ecological gifts, request authorization from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, or its replacement.