A. Board Responsibility

  1. Individual board members are informed of and understand their role and their responsibilities as not-for-profit board members, including their legal and fiduciary duties
  2. The board reviews and approves the land trust’s mission and strategic plans, and is responsible for evaluating them
  3. The board provides oversight of the land trust’s finances and operations by:
    • a) Reviewing and approving an annual budget
    • b) Working to ensure sufficient financial resources are available for the long-term operations of the land trust
    • c) Receiving and reviewing financial reports and statements in a form and with a frequency appropriate for the scale of the land trust’s financial activity
    • d) Reviewing the independently prepared financial audit, review or compilation
    • e) Adopting written policies or procedures for the responsible and prudent investment, management and use of financial assets
  4. The board hires, oversees and evaluates, at least annually, the performance of any executive director (or chief staff person)
  5. The board may delegate decision-making and management functions to committees, provided that committees have clearly defined roles and report to the board or staff