Open Consultation (August-October 2020)

During a broad consultation held between late August and early October 2020, the CLC invited comments on a discussion document that outlined the performance assurance program implementation plan and potential governance options, and encouraged feedback on practice elements from the Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices that could be the focus of the program.

The responses to the open consultation were fairly consistent and helped identify a list of practice elements to use in the next phase of the program’s development. In addition to comments received during the consultation, the current working list of practice elements reflects the strategic direction advice from the February 2020 national forum, comments from the Advisory Committee and a smaller working group, and generally aligns with the elements used in the land trust accreditation program in the US. Following the open consultation, the CLC held conference calls with the Advisory Committee and with a smaller working group to discuss the results of the consultation and next steps.

Next Step: Ground truthing

In keeping with CLC’s principles for the program, the next phase of the program’s development is to ground truth the program with land trusts. This process will help to ensure the program is accessible and realistic for the diversity within the community and help identify gaps or modifications to improve the program.

The objectives of the next phase are to answer the following questions:

  • Are the identified practice elements the best ones to provide assurance of a healthy organization that is appropriately managing risk?
  • How much work (effort, time, resources) is needed for a participating land trust to gather and provide the required information and evidence?
  • Is the evidence required to demonstrate effective implementation of a practice element appropriate or how else might implementation of the selected practice elements be demonstrated?
  • How is the evidence best assessed against the practice elements, particularly where qualitative assessment is involved (e.g. is it sufficient that a policy exists or does the quality of the policy need to be considered)?
  • What type of support or assistance would an organization find useful while going through the performance assurance program (for example, financial or other forms of assistance)?

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