This situational analysis confirms the need for additional investment in the private land conservation community.

Given the multiple benefits of private land conservation and linkages to priorities of Canadians and governments, the potential contribution of private land conservation to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and the unique challenges faced by the private land conservation sector with respect to the long-term stewardship and legal defence of conservation lands and agreements, the CLC recommends that an in-depth two-part feasibility study be undertaken on:

  1. How best to increase financial support for stewardship and the ongoing operations of private land conservation organizations including examination of:
    • how a program similar to the Canada Cultural Investment Fund could be modeled and adapted to support capacity building for the private land conservation community
    • the utility of a stewardship endowment initiative to other organizations such as Indigenous communities working to establish Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas
  2. Assessment of the level of legal risks of private land conservation organizations, and of effective and efficient ways to provide legal protection for the fee simple lands and conservation agreements they hold, including examination of:
    • what model of an insurance reciprocal program could meet their needs
    • how an initiative similar to the Terrafirma program in the United States could support the private land conservation community in Canada