Application Process and Fees

Terrafirma opens an annual enrollment window for new applicants from December 1st to February 1st. Applicants choose the categories that apply to their properties, and all properties within that category must be insured at the same time. This is to ensure that the risk pool is large enough to sustain coverage. The categories include:

  • Conservation easements
  • Owned land
  • Trail easements
  • Access easements
  • Deed restrictions

Applicants do not need to submit copies of baseline documentation reports and organizational documents. Terrafirma evaluates organizations based on the eligibility criteria and other information contained in the application. It doesn’t underwrite individual properties or easements.

Registration fees follow a sliding scale according to the number of parcels enrolled.

Table 3: Registration fee schedule

Parcels    Fee (US4)   
1 to 10    $375   
1 to 24    $600   
25 to 49    $900   
50 to 90    $1,400   
100 to 299    $1,900   
300 to 499    $2,400   
500 to 999    $2,900   
1000 to 1999    $3,400   
2000 and up    $4,000