Grouped Arts Evaluation

The Grouped Arts Evaluation published in August 2019 by the Evaluation Services Directorate, Canadian Heritage found that CCIF aligns with and supports the mandate of Canadian Heritage and its priorities of supporting cultural industries and infrastructure.(34)

The Endowment Incentives component enabled arts organizations to raise capital and create endowments through private sector donations. It resulted in income disbursed by foundations to professional arts organizations at twice the program target and helped arts organization recipients achieve financial stability with a high percentage (78%) of funding sources that were non-governmental.

The Strategic Initiatives component contributed to arts and heritage organizations demonstrating sound organizational, administrative and financial health. It helped arts and heritage organizations to improve business practices and built new and strengthened existing partnerships related to best practices, marketing and technology.

CCSF contributed to arts and heritage organizations better creating, presenting, preserving and exhibiting arts and heritage experiences since a high percentage of projects maintained or enhanced infrastructure and spaces. Most users were satisfied with these improvements. It enabled these organizations to have resources to build/improve facilities and infrastructure by funding a high number of construction/renovation projects and specialized equipment purchases, and in helping projects to secure over 70% in external funding primarily from provincial, territorial, municipal and private sources.

34. Government of Canada (2019), Grouped Arts Evaluation: Canada Arts Presentation Fund, Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, and Canada Cultural Investment Fund 2013-14 to 2017-18